On this page you will find a extensive overview of all types of questions. We also provide a sample question each time. But first you can read why it is not possible to list all types of questions. After all, such a list is infinite.

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What are the types of questions? 

Bad news: it is not possible to give all types of questions. The reason for this is that people can ask questions in many different ways depending on what they want to know and the situation. Questions are like tools, and just as there are countless tools for different jobs and tasks, there are many types of questions for different situations. Also, as we come up with new ideas and technology, we create new ways to ask questions about them. Different jobs and areas of expertise also have their own special kinds of questions.

Specific questions about artificial intelligence were hardly asked 50 years ago. Question lists like "The Top 10 Questions About AI" were unthinkable then.

So, making a complete list of every possible question type is like trying to list all the tools and gadgets in the world – it's just too many and always changing.

But is no classification into types of questions possible?

Someone who disagrees with the idea that it's impossible to list all types of questions might argue that while there are certainly many ways to ask questions, it is still feasible to create a comprehensive list by systematically categorizing and organizing them. 

They might believe that with careful analysis and classification, we can cover the majority of question types that people commonly use.Additionally, they might argue that technology and innovation can actually help us create structured taxonomies of questions, making it easier to keep track of new question types as they emerge. They could assert that with the right methodology and tools, a comprehensive list is within reach, even though it would be extensive and continuously evolving. 

Somehow this is true. Therefore, below you will find a comprehensive list in which we do give you the most important types of questions you can find online, in books (theory) or dictionaries. All with sample questions to ask.

List: the most important or most frequently mentioned types of questions

Yes/No Questions:

Example: "Did you enjoy the movie?"

Open-Ended Questions:

Example: "What can you tell me about your childhood?"

Wh- Questions:

Example: "Where are you going for your vacation?"

Alternative Questions:

Example: "Do you want tea or coffee?"

Rhetorical Questions:

Example: "Who doesn't love a good cup of coffee?"

Tag Questions:

Example: "It's a beautiful day, isn't it?"

Hypothetical Questions:

Example: "What would you do if you won the lottery?"

Embedded Questions (also Indirect Questions):

Example: "I wonder if you know where my friend is going."

Binary Questions (often Yes / No Questions):

Example: "Should I go to school today?"

Clarifying Questions:

Example: "What do you mean by taking responsibility?"

Multiple-Choice Questions: 

Example: "Which of the following is a prime number: (a) 4, (b) 7, or (c) 15?"

Leading Questions:

Example: "You agree that this is the best option, don't you?"

Polar Questions: 

Example: "Are you coming to the library or not?"

Socratic Questions: 

Example: "Why do you think that is the case?"

Priority Questions: 

Example: "What should we address first, the budget, our communication plan or the marketing strategy?"

Explanatory Questions: 

Example: "Why did you make that decision?"

Probing Questions: 

Example: "Can you provide more information about your project's goals?"

Recall Questions: 

Example: "Do you remember what we discussed in the meeting yesterday?"

Problem-Solving Questions:

Example: "How would you approach solving this complex problem?"

Comparative Questions: 

Example: "How do the two main characters compare and contrast in the novel?"

Philosophical Questions: 

Example: "What is the meaning of life?"

Yes/No/Uncertain Questions: 

Example: "Do you believe in extraterrestrial life?"

Feedback Questions: 

Example: "How would you rate your experience with our customer service?"

Reflective Questions: 

Example: "What have you learned from this experience?"

Emotional Questions: 

Example: "How do you feel about the recent changes in the company?"

Historical Questions: 

Example: "Can you provide a brief history of the American Civil War?"

Scientific Questions: 

Example: "What is the scientific method, and how is it used in research?"

Legal Questions: 

Example: "What are the key legal requirements for starting a business?"

Taste Preference Questions: 

Example: "What's your favorite cuisine, and why do you like it?"

Budgeting Questions:

Example: "How do you allocate your monthly budget for expenses like rent, food, and entertainment?"

Ethics Questions:

Example: "Is it ever morally justifiable to lie, even if it spares someone's feelings?"

Public Opinion Questions:

Example: "What do you think about the government's handling of recent healthcare policy changes?"

Scenarios and Situational Questions: 

Example: "If you were the CEO of a struggling company, what steps would you take to turn it around?"

Creativity and Innovation Questions:

Example: "What methods do you use to encourage creative thinking and problem-solving in your team?"

Do you miss a centrain question type? Let us know!