It is always good to ask about someone's holiday or travel experiences. It will quickly lead to better conversations. In this article you will find more than 70 of our favourite questions.

What are some good holiday questions?
In this article you will find a new list of questions. Questions to get to know someone better during a conversation. These are questions about the other person's holidays and travel experiences. Especially when you have just met or just met someone, talking about holiday experiences can work very well. For example, if you want to get to know someone better via Whatsapp 💕 It costs almost nobody a lot of effort to tell about their summer holidays or a winter trip they have made.

This makes holiday question the best icebreaker questions?

Apart from the fact that people can often talk about their holidays with pleasure and ease, it is also a good subject for establishing whether or not you fit in with someone. After all, the way someone goes on holiday often says something about the person you are talking to.

Suppose you are speed dating. You - who loves active holidays in faraway, exotic countries - ask about the other person's favourite holidays and then it turns out that the other person loves fishing in their own city. Opposites attracks or a reason to look further? 😕

Finally, the questions below might help you to come up with a more original question on the first day of work or school than the standard 'how was your holiday' question.

A list of good questions about one's travel experiences and holidays

Below you can find our suggested questions. But of course, don't use these handy questions without thinking. Adapt the question to the circumstances. For example, give a small introduction. Of course, you cannot ask out of the blue whether someone has ever contracted a venereal disease during a holiday. 😅

What works here: giving a compliment ("Wow, you look relaxed! Tell me, how..."). In other words, tailor the question to the situation.

PS. And don't forget to keep asking, right?

Holidays and travel experiences: in the past

  • How did you used to go on holiday?
  • How many countries did you visit?
  • How adventurous were your holidays?
  • Which big cities did you visit?
  • What did you like to do with your parents during your holidays?
  • Were you homesick for your friends?
  • Did you miss school?
  • What did you do during the day when you were not with your parents?
  • What stamps are in your passport?
  • How do you remember your holidays when you were little?
  • What is your best holiday memory when you were little?
  • What is the most exciting thing you ever did on a holiday?
  • What is the best place in the world to go on holiday to, given your travel experiences?
  • What is the most beautiful holiday spot in America/Asia/Africa/Europe/etc. that you have been to so far?
  • Have you ever been ill on holiday?
  • ...

Questions about holiday wishes / preferences

  • You have to choose: relaxing or active holidays?
  • Which destinations are still on your to-do list?
  • What do you prefer: to go on holiday by plane or in your own car?
  • What do you prefer: meeting new people or going on holiday with acquaintances (family, friends)?
  • To what extent does local poverty concern you?
  • Suppose you are adopted by someone from another country; which country do you - considering your travel experiences - prefer?
  • What do you prefer: an organised and therefore guaranteed holiday or an adventurous and therefore uncertain one?
  • Which beach do you prefer: a pebble beach, a sandy beach or no beach at all?
  • Could you go on holiday to a country where you don't understand the language (and other languages like English are not understood either)?
  • How adventurous should your holidays be?
  • Can you see yourself going on holiday with a caravan?
  • What activities in certain destinations do you want to do during your life (your holiday bucket list)?
  • Do you want to know in advance where you stand, e.g. where you are going to spend the night?
  • ...

Asking about negative experiences

  • Which country would you never go on holiday to?
  • Which campsite do you never want to go to again?
  • Which hotel would you advise against?
  • What is your worst camping experience?
  • What is the most exciting thing you've ever experienced flying?
  • Which cities would you (rather) never visit again?
  • What cultures keep you from visiting a country?
  • What would you never eat in another country?
  • ...

Meanwhile at home

  • When would you break off your holiday?
  • Suppose for three months tourists pass by your door wanting to take a picture because you are a standard resident of your country, would you allow this?
  • Do you think that colleagues with school-age children should have priority when choosing the holiday period?
  • Are holidays a reason not to get pets (later)?
  • Could you miss a dog or cat for three weeks (and place it in a shelter for example)?
  • What do you feel homesick for most?
  • Would you be able to go on holiday in your own house?
  • Would you allow people to spend their holidays in your own home (e.g. via Airbnb)?
  • ...

Finally back again: catching up with a friend or colleague

  • (standard question) How was your holiday?
  • (nice and standard no. 2) Had good weather?
  • (nice and standard no. 3) Have you been back long?
  • And, have you had any embarrassing experiences?
  • The journey went well?
  • How long did it take?
  • What was the highlight of your holiday?
  • Would you recommend your holiday destination to me?
  • Did you have a particular goal with your holiday? (and were you able to achieve them)?
  • Were you able to rest a lot?
  • Did you do or experience anything for the first time on holiday?
  • Have you been offline (more than at home) this holiday? (and what did that give you)
  • Did you discover any fun, new things?
  • Did you meet interesting and nice people?
  • And were there any low points?
  • Did you experience anything boring?
  • Do you have one photo that is representative of your holiday?
  • Would you like to go on holiday again next year or later?
  • ...

As always: do you have a nice question that we do not have? For example, a question you always ask to find out if someone had a good time on holiday? Then we would love to hear it and we will add it to the our list with questions for our readers! Thanks!