Would you like to ask yourself a question every day so you can get to know yourself better? Or to use questions to write in a nice little journal for yourself? (also known as journaling questions) Then find below a fun questions list with 365 questions to ask yourself. Or to ask someone else, of course. 


A question a day: a list of 365 good questions to ask

Do you want to ask a new question every day? The questions in the following questionlist will hopefully help you. Some questions are closed questions. For good journaling always ask yourself: Why? Can I explain this (for myself)? What are my reasons?

Often your explanation or your thought proces is more interesting than your first answer.

365 Questions: the Question of the Day

01-jan    With which 5 pictures would you describe your life?
02-jan    What do you do to clear your head?
03-jan    Did you take a compliment today?
04-jan    What is the best lesson you learned from making a mistake?
05-jan    Would you rather have a year of no TV or a year of no snacks?
06-jan    How do you think others see you when they first meet you?
07-jan    Who do you need to meet up with again soon?
08-jan    Which teacher taught you the most?
09-jan    When do you feel most energetic?
10-jan    What's the craziest thing you've ever done it?
11-jan    What is your greatest wish?
12-jan    What song would you sing if you were competing in a singing contest?
13-jan    If you could change one thing from your past what would it be?
14-jan    If you were immortal for 1 day, what would you do?
15-jan    If you could go back in time, what would you do?
16-jan    Do you prefer to be tall and fat, or small and athletic?
17-jan    Did you learn something new last week?
18-jan    Would you rather have your biggest question answered or your biggest wish fulfilled?
19-jan    How important is money to you?
20-jan    How have you changed in the past five years?
21-jan    What era would you have wanted to live in?
22-jan    What century would you have liked to live in?
23-jan    What little things do you get happiness from?
24-jan    What music makes you happy?
25-jan    Would you rather follow your heart or your head?
26-jan    Where in the world do you feel most comfortable?
27-jan    What is your talent?
28-jan    What household chore do you hate the most?
29-jan    If you could do this week over again, what would you do differently
30-jan    If you could travel through time, what time would you want to go to?
31-jan    Would you rather be popular or smart?
01-feb    How will you make today a good day?
02-feb    How are you feeling today?
03-feb    What series would you like to be in?
04-feb    Which book would you like to see adapted to film?
05-feb    What event would you like to witness?
06-feb    What little things make you happy?
07-feb    What are you most ashamed of?
08-feb    When was the last time you challenged yourself?
09-feb    What is the most beautiful compliment you have received?
10-feb    What is something that no one knows about you yet?
11-feb    What is your favorite tea moment?
12-feb    Which song takes you to a desert island?
13-feb    Which game show would you like to participate in?
14-feb    If you were a superhero, who would you be?
15-feb    Do you ever do something nice for a stranger?
16-feb    Do you believe in coincidence?
17-feb    How do you think a writer would describe you in a novel?
18-feb    How long have you ever been awake in a row?
19-feb    How many hours a day do you spend on social media?
20-feb    Do you like sweet or savory more?
21-feb    Who did you last get in touch with via Whatsapp?
22-feb    What are you most grateful for?
23-feb    Where would you prefer to store for free for 10 minutes?
24-feb    What would you like to be much better at?
25-feb    What would you still have liked to learn in school?
26-feb    What is the best advice you have received?
27-feb    What is the last thing you do before you go to sleep?
28-feb    What is something no one knows about you yet?
01-mrt    What is your favorite fairy tale?
02-mrt    What makes you happy today?
03-mrt    What would you most like to say to your younger self?
04-mrt    If you had all the time in the world, what would you do?
05-mrt    If you had to eat one dish all day, what would it be?
06-mrt    Are you superstitious?
07-mrt    Are you a dreamer, thinker or doer?
08-mrt    By whom have you been surprised recently?
09-mrt    What does your ideal vacation look like?
10-mrt    Who gave you butterflies in your stomach?
11-mrt    What do you have no patience for?
12-mrt    When was the last time you cried with laughter?
13-mrt    What have you always wanted to learn?
14-mrt    What is the strangest place you've ever slept?
15-mrt    What is the best advice you've ever been given?
16-mrt    What is your favorite movie genre?
17-mrt    What is your biggest dream?
18-mrt    What is the word of the year for you?
19-mrt    When playing which game do you always lose?
20-mrt    Who makes you feel safe?
21-mrt    Which celebrity would you like to have a cup of tea with?
22-mrt    With whom would you like to take a trip around the world?
23-mrt    On a day off, what do you spend the most time on?
24-mrt    What do you often dream about?
25-mrt    What did you prefer to eat when you were little?
26-mrt    What is the most played song in your playlist?
27-mrt    What makes you feel special?
28-mrt    Are you a morning person or an evening person?
29-mrt    What was the last movie that made you cry?
30-mrt    Which building would you like to see inside?
31-mrt    With whom can you really be yourself?
01-apr    Does money make you happy?
02-apr    What was the last thing you took a picture of?
03-apr    What do you do before you go to bed to get a good night's sleep?
04-apr    What is the perfect snack for tea?
05-apr    What is your very first memory?
06-apr    What is your favorite me-time moment?
07-apr    What are three positive things about this day?
08-apr    Where do you feel at home?
09-apr    Do you ever give strangers a helping hand?
10-apr    Did you tell a white lie today?
11-apr    What TV show would you like to be featured in?
12-apr    Which country would you most like to live in?
13-apr    What era would you like to live in?
14-apr    What is your ultimate moment of happiness?
15-apr    What sunset has stayed with you?
16-apr    What will the world look like in 10 years?
17-apr    What do you like to talk about?
18-apr    Where do you feel most comfortable?
19-apr    What can I wake you up at night for?
20-apr    Where would you most like to travel to?
21-apr    How do you recharge yourself?
22-apr    How are you known to your friends?
23-apr    What everyday things make you happy?
24-apr    Have you ever done something that got you into trouble?
25-apr    Did you receive a compliment today?
26-apr    What is a good trait of yours?
27-apr    What would you really like to ask someone again?
28-apr    What resolution do you make every year?
29-apr    Do you have a quitting word?
30-apr    How important is social media to you?
01-mei    How have you changed in the past year?
02-mei    What inspires you?
03-mei    What was the last time you had the weakest laugh?
04-mei    Who at this table has the most luck?
05-mei    What is your favorite question to ask?
06-mei    What is your favorite vacation country?
07-mei    What do you value most in friendship?
08-mei    Who did you call last?
09-mei    Who is your role model?
10-mei    What is your favorite candy?
11-mei    If you could only watch one more series, which would you choose?
12-mei    Which unanswered question would you like to have answered?
13-mei    Which board game makes you the most fanatic?
14-mei    What is the naughtiest thing you used to do?
15-mei    Are you happy?
16-mei    Who do you prefer to celebrate your birthday with?
17-mei    What is the best vacation you've ever had?
18-mei    What is the finest moment of the day?
19-mei    What would you change if you were prime minister?
20-mei    Which dish do you like?
21-mei    What little things do you enjoy the most?
22-mei    What is the craziest thing you have experienced abroad?
23-mei    What is your purpose in life?
24-mei    What television program do you refuse to watch?
25-mei    Where do you see yourself in five years?
26-mei    How do you highlight another person?
27-mei    What would you like to do one day that you've never done before?
28-mei    If you started your own business, what would you sell?
29-mei    How did you meet your first love?
30-mei    How much time do you spend with your family?
31-mei    Who do you have the most fun with?
01-jun    In what way do you rest best?
02-jun    At what moment is tea indispensable to you?
03-jun    Which blunder still gives you nightmares?
04-jun    What are you grateful for?
05-jun    What can you take more time for?
06-jun    What would you like to talk about more often?
07-jun    What would you like to spend more time on?
08-jun    When does the child in you resurface?
09-jun    What is your favorite food?
10-jun    What is your favorite app?
11-jun    What profession would you like to try for a week?
12-jun    Which book impressed you?
13-jun    Who has had the most influence on your life?
14-jun    Have you ever been to the emergency room?
15-jun    If you could be anyone else, who would you want to be?
16-jun    Do you prefer to go to the sun or to the snow?
17-jun    Do you believe in love at first sight?
18-jun    What is the last movie you saw?
19-jun    What is the stupidest thing you have ever done?
20-jun    What puts a smile on your face?
21-jun    What song would you sing at a karaoke night?
22-jun    Which movie it you have seen more than 10 times?
23-jun    What items from your home would you take with you in a fire?
24-jun    What is the last thing you celebrated?
25-jun    What does your ideal Sunday look like?
26-jun    What makes you happy?
27-jun    Who do you call for a fun night out?
28-jun    What do you get the most energy from?
29-jun    When was the last time you ate great food?
30-jun    Can you think of a new tea flavor?
01-jul    What is the craziest thing you would like to do?
02-jul    What is your favorite quote?
03-jul    What is your favorite game?
04-jul    What would you like to change in the world?
05-jul    Who inspires you?
06-jul    If you could choose your own name, what would you be called?
07-jul    Are you a pessimist or optimist?
08-jul    Which celebrity would you like to have a day out with?
09-jul    Which old acquaintance would you like to meet up with again?
10-jul    What can you really enjoy?
11-jul    What is the sweetest thing someone has ever done for you?
12-jul    What fictional character would you like to bring to life?
13-jul    What is love to you?
14-jul    Are you good at being alone?
15-jul    What does your ideal day off look like?
16-jul    What does your morning ritual look like?
17-jul    With whom would you prefer to drink this cup of tea?
18-jul    What are you grateful for in life?
19-jul    Where do you prefer to drink a cup of tea?
20-jul    What are you most looking forward to this coming weekend?
21-jul    What brings a smile to your face?
22-jul    What do you prefer to do on a rainy day?
23-jul    What is the most beautiful place you have ever visited?
24-jul    What has been your very craziest side job?
25-jul    What is your favorite drink?
26-jul    What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
27-jul    What makes you unique?
28-jul    Do you think aliens will land one day?
29-jul    What does your perfect date look like?
30-jul    What did you enjoy most last week?
31-jul    What does your distant future look like?
01-aug    How many pairs of shoes do you own?
02-aug    Can you manage to turn off your phone for a day?
03-aug    Would you rather take a walk in the woods - or a walk on the beach?
04-aug    Which famous person would you trade places with for a day?
05-aug    Which idea do you still need to do something with?
06-aug    What do you regret the most?
07-aug    What gets you excited?
08-aug    Are you an early bird or an evening person?
09-aug    What is your favorite memory?
10-aug    With whom would you like to eat a rusk?
11-aug    What would your day look like if you were a millionaire?
12-aug    What gives you energy?
13-aug    What's the sweetest thing you've ever done for someone?
14-aug    What makes the bond with your best friend special?
15-aug    What does your perfect day look like?
16-aug    With which relative do you share the best childhood memories?
17-aug    What did you laugh about today?
18-aug    What is your favorite genre of books?
19-aug    Would you rather live in a city or a village?
20-aug    Did you meet someone this year who changed your life?
21-aug    In which sport would you like to be an Olympic athlete?
22-aug    How do you look back on your life so far?
23-aug    How do you start up in the morning?
24-aug    What annoys you most?
25-aug    What is the biggest prize you've ever won?
26-aug    What opportunity would you like to seize again?
27-aug    Who inspires you to be a better person?
28-aug    Who is the greatest tea lover you know?
29-aug    What would you do if you were king(s) for a day?
30-aug    What would you do if you could spend 1,000 euros for one day?
31-aug    In which book would you like to be the main character?
01-sep    What would you wish for if you had three wishes?
02-sep    What profession would you want to be for a day?
03-sep    What is your craziest nickname?
04-sep    When do you feel at home somewhere?
05-sep    Who is your personal hero?
06-sep    Who do you need to visit again?
07-sep    What did you inherit from your parents?
08-sep    What is your evening ritual?
09-sep    Which song evokes special memories?
10-sep    What positive news from this week has stuck out to you?
11-sep    What award would you like to win?
12-sep    What habit would you like to unlearn?
13-sep    What were you most grateful for last week?
14-sep    What fear have you overcome?
15-sep    What would be your last supper?
16-sep    What would you like to have free access to for a year?
17-sep    Why is it nice to have you as a friend?
18-sep    What is the first thing you do as soon as you get up?
19-sep    What book did you read last?
20-sep    What is the most adventurous thing you've ever done?
21-sep    Who would you go through fire for?
22-sep    How many steps do you take in a day?
23-sep    When was the last time you were proud of yourself?
24-sep    What musical instrument would you like to learn to play?
25-sep    What 3 tea flavors do you prefer to drink?
26-sep    With whom do you find peace of mind?
27-sep    What music touches you?
28-sep    What song reminds you of your childhood?
29-sep    Which event taught you the most?
30-sep    Whose thoughts would you like to read?
01-okt    Who would you start a fan club for?
02-okt    What did you often get in trouble for in the past?
03-okt    What was the last thing you bought?
04-okt    What is your favorite place?
05-okt    As a child, what was your dream job?
06-okt    What 3 objects would you take with you to a desert island?
07-okt    What are you most afraid of?
08-okt    What is the last compliment you paid?
09-okt    Would you like to continue to live where you live now?
10-okt    What is your most precious place on earth?
11-okt    If you had a crystal ball, what would you like to see in it?
12-okt    What animal would you want to be reincarnated as?
13-okt    What do you think is the most important thing in life?
14-okt    Do you dare to follow your dreams?
15-okt    What is the most beautiful place in the Netherlands?
16-okt    What's in your favorite photo?
17-okt    What is your favorite holiday?
18-okt    If you could say something to the world, what would it be?
19-okt    What do you think a romantic date looks like?
20-okt    Who gave you your first kiss?
21-okt    Where would you like to go on vacation tomorrow?
22-okt    What is the best gift you ever received?
23-okt    What is your favorite sport?
24-okt    What was the best day of your life?
25-okt    Who cheers you up on a gloomy day?
26-okt    Would you rather live by the sea or in the mountains?
27-okt    What is your dream job?
28-okt    What is your favorite day of the year?
29-okt    Which song makes you sit still?
30-okt    When was the last time you cried?
31-okt    Do you prefer 1 year ahead or 1 year back?
01-nov    When was the last time you sent a card?
02-nov    What is the best memory from your childhood?
03-nov    Who would you like to get to know better?
04-nov    What is your favorite season of the year?
05-nov    With whom can you let your heart out?
06-nov    What is the funniest joke you've ever heard?
07-nov    What is the cutest thing you learned from your grandmother?
08-nov    What is your fondest childhood memory?
09-nov    What do you prefer to eat for breakfast?
10-nov    What is the most romantic thing that has happened to you?
11-nov    Who should you compliment more?
12-nov    What is the hardest thing you've ever done?
13-nov    With which relative would you like to trade a day?
14-nov    What do you prefer to do in your free time?
15-nov    What would you do with 10 million?
16-nov    What title would you give the book about your life?
17-nov    What rule would you most like to break?
18-nov    What is the name of your favorite stuffed toy?
19-nov    Who would you trade places with for one day?
20-nov    What do you prefer to do on the weekend?
21-nov    What are you most proud of?
22-nov    What do you look at first in a man/woman?
23-nov    What are you looking forward to this week?
24-nov    What do you prefer to eat on your sandwich?
25-nov    Who would you most like to live next to?
26-nov    What is something that few people know about you?
27-nov    What is the most special thing someone ever did for you?
28-nov    With whom would you like to spend 24 hours?
29-nov    What is the biggest gamble you've ever taken?
30-nov    Are you an outdoor person or an indoor person?
01-dec    What would you do if you were invisible?
02-dec    What was a life-changing experience for you?
03-dec    What advice would you give your younger self?
04-dec    What would you do if you were allowed to change gender for 1 day?
05-dec    Who is the nicest person you met last year?
06-dec    What characteristic do you find most important in a friend?
07-dec    What is your natural gift?
08-dec    What is a crazy trait of yours?
09-dec    What is the craziest thing you've seen today?
10-dec    What planet would you most like to visit?
11-dec    Who has taught you a lot?
12-dec    What is your worst nightmare?
13-dec    What would you like to do again?
14-dec    What did you want to be when you were little?
15-dec    Who makes you hot?
16-dec    What dish did you cook yourself for the first time?
17-dec    What used to be your favorite song?
18-dec    What is important to you in a relationship?
19-dec    What is your most favorite piece of clothing?
20-dec    What would you invent if everything were realizable?
21-dec    Which city in the Netherlands would you like to visit again?
22-dec    What is the worst present you ever received?
23-dec    Do you opt for sumptuous breakfasts or sumptuous dinners?
24-dec    What's still on your bucket list?
25-dec    What goal would you like to achieve this year?
26-dec    What traditions do you have within your family?
27-dec    What famous person would you want to be for a day?
28-dec    Would you choose a city break or a beach vacation?
29-dec    What are the best things in life?
30-dec    What gift would you like to have?
31-dec    Where would you most like to be right now?

Enjoy asking our question of the day!