On the Internet and in literature, you can find several lists of good job interview questions. Often the writers say these are the perfect questions, but the question is whether this is true. Therefore, to help you, I have analyzed several lists and discussed these questions with several HR professionals. The result is a list of questions that at least you should have the answer to for yourself.

If you have a job interview as an applicant, you often have to deal with original interview questions.

Many nice lists of questions are circulating on the internet and more and more application committees are making use of these questions.

But unfortunately we often hear and notice that also the standard bad questions are still being asked.

So be prepared. And know how to answer these basic questions.

Because if you don't answer these standard questions correctly, then it doesn't matter how you answer the more original questions.

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To help you, you will find below the 20 most classic interview questions that can be asked during an job interview.

The 20 Most Common Job Interview Questions

01. How did you hear about this position / job / company?

02. Can you explain why you are interested in this position?

03. Why do you want this job?

04. What makes you think you are qualified for this position?

05. Why should we (not) hire you?

06. Could you tell a little bit about yourself?

07. What are your strengths?

08. What are your weaknesses?

09. How do you handle conflicts / stress / pressure?

10. Can you describe your current responsibilities?

11. What are your greatest accomplishments?

12. Why are you looking for a job change?

13. What exactly do you look for in a job?

14. Where do you see yourself in five years?

15. Tell us what you know about our company?

16. What are our strategic challenges?

17. What is your motivation to work for our company?

18. How would your colleagues describe you?

19. What are your salary expectations?

20. Do you have any questions?

Good luck with your job interview!