Welcome to the, an education blog from HandyQuestions, dedicated to to the art of asking the right questions.

Man holding a sign with the text "The art of asking the right questions"

On this site we share news, knowledge, examples and guidelines in asking the right questions. And we will share many good questions. For the love of questions. For the love of good, deep conservations and informed decisions.

"Life is too short to be wasted in finding answers. Enjoy the questions!" Paulo Coelho  

About us

When evaluating the quality of information or when having a conversation, it is important to know how to ask the right questions. To ask good questions! But does it matter who we are? Maybe (good question). 
We are:
  • Experts in asking questions and having good conversations
  • Dedicated to the art of asking good questions
  • Philosopher, trainer and trained in asking questions (e.g. the socratic method).
  • Working at an University of Applied Science
  • Sometimes philosophizing and having good conservations with elderly and children (P4C).
  • Doubting the method, yet enthusiastic about the ideals of Michael Sandel.
  • Like to drink a beer, wine, .. with friends as in The Philosopher’s Arms (BBC).
  • Writing and talking about questions for several reason
  • ...

Partners / with help from

  • Google (hosting)
  • W. University of Applied Sciences  (for our research and teaching)
  • PrivacyConsult (privacy & legal affairs)
  • (pictures)
  • Friends, Family and Students (questions) 😊

As our students know in real life, we welcome your comments and feedback. Thanks!  

More information

All articles on this site are our own personal notes and reflections, and are written in our own time. Some articles are from friends, our students or from guest bloggers. Organisations we (sometimes) represent cannot be held liable.